Block and Tackle

Jim Cyr (of the Highland Rovers) and I have been playing together since 1987, writing, performing and recording original folk-rock music as Block and Tackle. After 16 years of inactivity, we took the covers off the old clunker and started up the engines once again. We're currently writing and recording a lot of new music, a sample of which you can hear and download below.

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Please note the following songs are in various states of tracking and mixing.

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Like It Never Happened
Dust And Dreams
Once Again
Where Are You Now?
Catching Sight Of The Downfall
Kings Of Corners
Waiting For An Answer
Beyond Recall
Light The Sun

Music by Jim Cyr and Jonathan Block
Lyrics by Jonathan Block

Jim Cyr: Guitar and vocals
Jonathan Block: Bass, keyboards, vocals

© 2009-2012, Jonathan Block and James Cyr